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  • 7.31.15 - OYL Summer Program in Greece

    My task as part of One Year Lease Theater Co.'s summer apprentice program was to take a group of students from various theater backgrounds through their first week of a 4-week intensive. As their primary teacher that first week, my goals were ensemble building & collaboration, kinesthetic awareness, understanding compositional elements, site-specific work, and using myths & monsters to generate physicality. Not a small order. The growth that they showed was truly impressive.

       Ultimately they will be performing an original play, in Greek. In addition to rehearsals, the program includes Greek lessons, movement & yoga, various workshops in playwrighting, clowning, chorus work, and more, as well as strenuous hikes, rafting, horse riding, beach days, etc. They came together as 13 strangers, with 12 company members & associates to guide them. When I left them they were well on their way through an amazing journey. I'm so glad I could be a part of it.