What Are People Saying About Keyhole Residencies?

“Ms. Sultz is enthusiastic and engaging, and allowed us to see and experience a building I thought I had known in new ways. A transformational experience.”

          Cara Armstrong, Fallingwater Curator, 2002 – 2010; Interim Director, School of Architecture & Art, Norwich University


"Keyhole was incredible - a total game changer. I didn't know it was possible to fall in love with our space."          

          Corporate Client, New York City


"What you did in two hours was made a strong immediate connection with (us), and I was then able to reference the work you did with (us) over the rest of the semester."

          Gabrielle Cody, Professor, Deptartment of Drama, Vassar College


"Ms. Sultz created an engaging, sensitive, and respectful new way to see a historic building and its collections…culminating her residency with an ethereal progressive dance performance (which) engaged museum visitors in a completely new way. The process afforded by Ms. Sultz was as beautifully choreographed as the actual performances. Ms. Sultz made Evergreen come to life with such vision."

          James Archer Abbott, Director & Curator, Evergreen Museum & Library


"The thing I liked best about Heather was that I did not feel stupid waltzing around Fallingwater - and it takes a very special teacher for me not to feel stupid when I am out of my comfort zone."

          Kay York, Special Education Educator, Houston ISD


“Working with Ms. Sultz was a pleasure and a great collaboration. The piece she created for the National Museum of Wildlife Art interacted with the architecture and formed links to the museum’s collection, which led the audience to create connections through her dance/movement work.”

          Bronwyn Minton, Assistant Curator of Art, National Museum of Wildlife Art


"I had the opportunity to learn from Heather during the Fallingwater Teacher's Residency. As a non-athletic, non-dancing 45-year-old adult, I was initially hesitant. Heather's openness and welcoming attitude helped me gain confidence to find joy in self-expressive movement."

          Kristin Baker, Gifted Students Educator, Mansfield NJ Township Elementary School


“Ms. Sultz's work is intricate, clear, refined, and accessible. She masterfully blends conceptual intricacy with emotional sensitivity to human experience to uncover, define, and explore the internal and external elements of our human landscapes.”

          Ashley Mott, Arts and Humanities Educator, Artist and Choreographer; Dance Director, Park City High School

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