What's a Residency?

What is a Keyhole Residency?

Do you love the space you live, work, or play in? Is there an emotional toll or benefit for inhabiting it? How does environment color your personal and communal mood, creativity, productivity? Can we learn about a place and a community through the use of human movement? What does architecture have to do with dance, anyway? 

In a Keyhole Residency, director Heather Sultz leads you in investigating these questions through improvisational movement activities, together finding new ways of experiencing your specific space, new insights into your community dynamic, and new options for using your environment to fill your community’s needs. Along the way, we explore the creative process as it applies to your field or specialization.

Keyhole works with organizations of all kinds, including non-profit, arts-based, educational, public space, architectural, environmental, and corporate.

Working with you, we create an individualized residency package for your site and group. This can include workshop, lecture, and performance elements. Workshops are geared to all levels of ability, and adaptable to persons with disabilities.

Being allowed to move fully in a space that you thought you knew opens incredible doors. Creativity comes alive, and commitment to and ownership of your community and environment heighten. Keyhole guides you on a journey of revitalization and enrichment, encouraging you to see the physical space in new ways, and to consider how a space affects and is affected by the energy of the individuals that inhabit it.  

Discover new collaborations, build sustainability and teamwork, create eye-opening moments and one-of-a-kind experiences for your community.

Come travel through the Keyhole!

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"For the environment after all is where we all meet; where we all have a mutual interest; it is one thing that all of us share. It is not only a mirror of ourselves, but a focusing lens on what we can become."  - Lady Bird Johnson

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KR at a glance:

Guided movement exploration of a site, pairing community and environment, is the core of a Keyhole Residency, leading to new environmental understanding and commitment, enhanced creativity and collaboration, and invigorated individuals

  • Designed for organizations of all kinds - educational, architectural, environmental, corporate, non-profit, arts-based, public space
  • For participants from ages 9 to 99, and geared toward all levels of ability, including being adaptable for persons with disabilities
  • Components can include participatory workshops, lectures, and/or performance, depending on your needs
  • Participatory workshops for groups of 5 or more, with upper limits based on the space
  • Residency schedule based on your choice of components
  • For availability and pricing, please contact Heather via email